Welcome—I greatly appreciate your interest in my work!

For the past twenty-four years, I’ve taught art history at Goucher College, a liberal arts college just north of Baltimore. My research has been on aspects of American art, especially American painting of the nineteenth century, and I’ve published several articles on genre and history painting as well as a book, Something Coming: Apocalyptic Expectation and Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Painting (UPNE 2000)

Although I wrote stories as a child—mostly inept variations on Poe and O. Henry—I put fiction aside to focus first on a degree in art education, then several years as a public school art teacher, then on an MA in art history, then several years as curator of the art collection of the Holyoke (MA) Public Library, then on a PhD in art history, then on college teaching and scholarly projects.

Several years ago, I turned again to fiction and wrote The Button Field, a novel set in the late nineteenth century based on the actual disappearance of a student from Mount Holyoke College. I am currently working on another novel—working title Goshen Cove— set in New England in the 1890s, this time dealing with the consequences of a mysterious appearance.

I live in Wilmington, Delaware with my husband Michael and Walter, a large and lazy orange tabby. I’m a member of The Written Remains Writers’ Guild, a wonderfully supportive community of Delaware writers.