Charlotte (Bernice) Cogswell

I have very little to report about Charlotte Cogswell.  (In truth, her name was Bernice but, to avoid confusion with Bertha, I changed it to Charlotte.)  I don’t know if she married; I suspect not. She is listed as Miss Bernice Stiness Cogswell in a directory of the Daughters of the American Revolution published in 1911, when she would have been thirty-six years old.  I know that she began her teaching career at an Attawaugan school in September 1898, and that she was a soloist in many local musical performances and services.  She sang “Nearer My God to Thee” at John Mellish’s funeral on Saturday, May 29, 1909,  and again at Sarah Mellish’s funeral on Monday, Sept. 16, 1912. I don’t know if she sang for Florence.