Hatty Darling and Roy Spaulding

The real Hattie Darling married the real Roy Spaulding at noon on Wednesday, the 4th of May, 1898, in the parlor of her parents’ home. Seventy-five guests were present to witness the Reverend John Deans tie the nuptial knot. Hattie wore a traveling gown of changeable poplin in a becoming shade of golden brown trimmed in turquoise silk, and she carried a bouquet of bridal roses. After the ceremony, the wedding guests enjoyed dainty refreshments. Hattie and Roy received many generous gifts of silver, cut glass, china, pictures, bric-a-brac, and money and, from their parents, a furnished house in Roy’s hometown of Ashland, New Hampshire, where, after temporary service as assistant bookkeeper in the Dayville Woolen Mill, Roy was returning to his permanent position. The couple had the best wishes of all present for a bright and prosperous journey through life, and they left for their brief bridal trip to Boston amid a perfect storm of rice.